Top 11 Best Overlay For Natural Nails of 2023

Best Overlay For Natural Nails

A perfect and tidy manicure is also sure to improve your morale and imagination, not to mention that when your nails are in good shape, you look so well put together. We’re not only thinking about nail painting or charms on those long acrylic nails, while you can pick whatever you want but with the right products and a little support, even your natural nails will look amazing.

Now we look at the best natural nail overlays. First, you need to differentiate between nail overlays and nail extensions, because they are two different items with different intentions, although people sometimes seem to confuse them.

What is a nail overlay?

The first thing you need to do is add strength if you want to develop long and healthy nails because your natural nails are weak. Overlays are products that go over your natural nails to better, make them Solid, Then, on the whole, behave as a barrier that prevents them from stopping, and they can finally achieve the length you want.

Natural nail overlays aren’t extensions but include a solid hard product layer. That can be a firm gel, or builder gel in a bottle or container, construction gel or other dense quality gels, acrylic or dip-powder, and even the new Polygels (a hybrid between acrylic and gel). These overlays help your natural nails grow underneath, protecting them from environmental exposure.

Be careful not to confuse the gel with gel polish. Gel polish is actually a semi-permanent polish and is usually implemented in two thin coats of color and also finished with a top layer of the same gel polish. But this semi-permanent manicure does not offer precisely the same strength being a tricky gel does, so it cannot prevent your nails from splitting.

What is a nail extension?

Nail extensions are meant for increasing the length of the nails, which are attached to the real hair, followed by an acrylic or hard gel coating. Then, everything is packed and shaped according to your choice. This technique applies length and strength, and essentially creates a new nail on top of your natural nail, so you can select the shape and color you like. If you are struggling to grow your natural nails and need a long set ASAP, this is the quickest way to do it.

So, now that you get a better understanding of the difference between these two techniques of manicure enhancement and boosting let’s look at some overlays. We also listed some of the best products to use as nail overlays so you can have sturdy nails while enjoying a nice and tidy manicure.

How to find the best overlay for your nails?

Making sure that the overlay you buy is composed of high-quality material is important while looking for the best overlay for your nails. Given that acrylic overlays exist in a variety of hues, you should look for acrylic overlays.

If you are looking for the best overlay for natural nails, then you are in the right place. Dip powder kits are easy to use, indeed! They are also odorless, so UV light isn’t required. That’s perfect-no Light!

In terms of simplicity and aesthetic results, this makes it the perfect method of nail extension.

Another fantastic aspect of nail dipping powders is the fact that they are perfect for professional as well as home use. There are also too many brands of nail dipping products out there. Many of them are amazing, and others are less than pleasant.

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Below is our recommended Best Overlay For Natural Nails.

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1 Kiara Sky Dip Powder Starter Kit Review

Kiara Sky French Starter Kit (French, Starter Kit)
  • Kit Includes: Bond (.5 fl oz), Base (.5 fl oz), Seal Protect (.5 fl oz), Top (.5 fl oz), Nourish Oil...
  • Item Package Dimension: 5.08cm L x 17.272cm W x 34.036cm H
  • Be sure to always store your Dip Powder glazes and powders in an upright position away from direct...
  • Before storing away your Kiara Sky Dip Powder glazes, make sure you clean the rim of your bottles...

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If you’re not on a budget, don’t want heavy odors, and don’t know how to deal with gel or acrylic, the dipping powder method may be just what you need to strengthen your nails without needing to learn any technique.

Let’s get this out of the way: it’s not cheap, and you can’t just buy the powder and do it because it needs several measures, not only one or two. However, even though it takes further time, though you read the instructions, then you don’t have to have any prior experience with any overlays or methods you might get used to it quickly.

Kiara sky has a few starter kits that include everything you want to get the perfect manicure. The products are non-toxic, ruthless, and odorless, which is a huge advantage. You also don’t need to have any extra equipment like brushes or  UV / LED lamps, since the product airdries very quickly. Another benefit this dip powder system has is that on your behalf it doesn’t require a lot of precision, which you can’t say about gel or acrylic systems.

Erasing is too easy. Only cut the glossy coating with a stick, soak a cotton pad in acetone, and use aluminum foil to wrap around your fingernail, then wait about 10 minutes.

At the end of the day, if you want your natural nails to be improved relatively quickly and conveniently, this is a perfect choice to start.

Sad to say, there is a lack of glitter and vivid colors. but the Kiara Sky dip powder system is still very successful, and it has many glowing reviews from customers.

Kiara Sky Dip is the best overlay for natural nails No Harsh Chemicals  It doesn’t require precision

No Harsh Chemicals

This nail dipping method was designed without harsh chemicals which could cause damage. Sometimes these chemicals used in other items can affect the nail bed, and create dry or cracking nails.

Last Longer

The kit is comfortable and user-friendly; it’s also extremely robust and can last longer than your gel polish. Within just under 20 minutes, we got all hands full. It’s a great time-saver producing results that look impressive in no time.

The Brush Saver

Anyone who has personally experienced dipping powders will tell you it’s a must to have a brush saver in every dip powder kit. The brush saver for Kiara Sky is perfect and can save you time purchasing new makeup brushes for your base polish.

When you open the kit, you’ll feel like Kiara Sky was thinking about everything, and they even included a brush saver.

The manicure will last without chipping or lifting for around 21 days, which is a week longer than many other dip nail brands would claim.

Kiara Sky offers a stunning dip nail system at a value for money, which you will enjoy.

2 NYK 1 Power Builder Gel Review

Strengthening Nail Builder Gel For Nails (.5 Fl Oz / 15ml) NYK1 NailForce Gel Builder For Nails Fix Split Broken Nail Strengthener - Clear Polygel Nail Gel Builder UV Gel and LED Hard Gel For Nails
  • ★ NAIL REPAIR - This sculpting polygel nail builder strengthens your nails, whilst protecting the...
  • ★ FIX DAMAGED NAILS OR NAIL EXTENSIONS IN MINUTES - This builder gel for nails is compatible with...
  • ★ OVERLAY, EXTEND OR USE AS A STRENGTHENER - Use on weak natural nails, overlays and tips....
  • ★ FULL INSTRUCTION GUIDE WITH THIS PRODUCT - Become a professional with our walkthrough...

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This is a builder gel that can be used as an overlay to provide a sleek appearance and a smooth manicure on your real nails. Whether you have ridged nails, broke a nail, exfoliate, or are usually weak and susceptible to breakage, this builder gel will help you by supplying a layer of extra energy.

You can use this as an overlay, but you can also use a shape to extend your nails. The great thing about this Builder Gel is that instead of filing or pressing it down, you can rinse it up. It self-levels beautifully and quickly, meaning this is not a dense gel, but on the thinner side. That means you can manipulate it without creating a lot of lumps and bumps, and when it comes to having to file and shape it spares you the additional work.

That comes, including an application brush, so this brush is handy if you’re a beginner, and you don’t already have your own tools. Now you want only a light, base coat you must add before applying the rough gel, and a topcoat finish.

3 IBD Hard Gel Review

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The IBD is the most popular brand in the nail business, but if you’re a newbie and don’t know much about gel manicures, it is easy to use. It has a balanced viscosity level, and it cures very quickly.

You can use it on your natural nails and apply it with a gel brush, or use it as a builder polish, add shape and make a nail from scratch. This pink color is suitable for creating a French manicure, but to build a natural look, you can use it with your own.

This hard gel has a self-leveling property, so you won’t have to wait long before being able to cure it in the UV/LED lamp. It Cures very quickly, based on your lamp’s power, but it usually takes one minute in an LED lamp and three minutes in a UV lamp.

It cures extremely quickly, based on your lamp’s power, but it usually takes one minute in an LED nail lamp and three minutes in a UV nail lamp. You can live it as it is after you apply it and cure it, and you’ll get a natural-looking manicure, or you can put some color on top and complete it with a top coat.

Overall, this is a perfect hard gel overlay for learners and the more experienced, and you can achieve a professional-looking manicure at home if you follow the right steps.

4 Mia Secret Professional Acrylic Nail System Review

MIA SECRET 4oz Liquid Monomer + 4oz Clear Acrylic Powder Nail Art System
  • CLEAR ACRYLIC POWDER - provides an ideal consistency and activation time, superior adhesion and is...
  • LIQUID MONOMER - is an advnced blended EMA monomer with a non-yellowing formula, which provides...
  • Made in USA ! High end quality acrylic nail kit.

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If you like or want to try acrylic systems, Mia Secret has pretty lovely and affordable products that you can use to improve your nails. Acrylic, as you might already know, is a little harder than gel, which takes two parts of powder (polymer), and liquid (monomer) to harden. If you’re not comfortable with how acrylic works, getting relaxed, and gaining control over the liquid-powder ratio could take a while.

This kit contains a transparent powder and a liquid monomer container (do not worry, this is EMA). It’s easy to use, but it doesn’t dry quickly, which means you’d have time to make sure everything looks good before it dries if you’re relatively new to doing acrylic nails.

The acrylic manicure will last for a very long period, some might even say it will last for three to four weeks. After adding a primer, you should put this on your natural nail. Each one is black, so it has no color, but bear in mind that acrylic is not as black as a gel (even though you deal with the best quality products, it’s a little cloudy).

If you want a beautiful manicure, you can stain your nails with standard polish or gel polish after you finished drying the acrylic. Another thing to remember is that if you’re not used to the monomer’s smell, that might bother you.

At the end of the day, when it comes to the discrepancies between acrylic and gel, it’s all about personal choice, however strength-wise, acrylic can be the winner (if you apply it correctly) if you have brittle, weak, and weakened nails. This liquid-powder combo is perfect for beginners who want to immerse themselves in the acrylic world, so check it out yourself and see if you like it.

5 Gelish Structure Gel Review

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If you’re already using standard or gel polish to paint your nails, then you’d like this structure gel, because it comes in a bottle. No need for some extra brushes and other tools, only a simple bottle of gel polish. This structure gel could be applied just after the base coat, and the sticky layer can be removed and left as it is, or finished with a topcoat gel. The consistency is thicker than you’re used to seeing in regular gel polishes, but it’s easy to apply, and it’s fast self-leveling, so if you haven’t done an excellent job the first time, don’t worry, it’s going to level up to an even form.

There are two ways to do this. The first one brushes it on in thin layers, just as in standard gel paint. Cure every segment in the LED / UV lamp and repeat the cycle until you are comfortable with the result. The second approach is to apply a thin layer of the structure gel first, cure it, be more generous with the gel on the second layer and float your brush over the nail, focusing much of the ok more polished and you’re not going to risk scratching the cuticle or making a flat surface on top of it.

Overall, if you are dealing with thin nails, this structure gel is a great option, it’s easy to use and affordable. This does not have the strength of a hard gel, though, so it is suitable for shorter natural nails when you keep growing them out to prevent them from breaking down.

6 Cuccio Pro Powder Polish Dip – Nail Dipping Powder Kit Review

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Good news to the lovers that shine! The starter kit features a stunning shimmering red, deeper purple, french rose, green, and standard translucent glitter. It is the ideal present for those who only want an eye-catching “pop” of something in their manicure.

The Strong with A Natural Look Dip powders are a perfect alternative to glass polishing, in general. You’ll get a smooth, natural-looking manicure with this Cuccio nail dipping powder package, which boasts a remarkable degree of longevity and strength.

Easy to use this dipping powder kit is a perfect option for home use for beginners. Comfortable and user-friendly, it’s no wonder it has lots of fantastic consumer feedback.

As for durability, the manicure will not begin chipping until day 15. Many of the other products that we looked at here lasted a little longer, as long as 21 days. It is not a wrong choice, though, if you find you want to change your look more often.

The powder kit Cuccio Dip is compact, simple to use, and super cheap. That kit would potentially save you a lot of money over time. Recall that a manicure at the salon costs about $35-$40. That means that you can easily do around 40 manicures at the same expense as one manicure in a single salon. Yet do not allow your manicure to last longer than 15 days.

All this needs to come at a reasonable price that will not affect your pocket, particularly for those on a budget who want to get a beautiful powder nail dipping kit for home use.

7 The Kiara Sky Color Nail Dipping Powder System Kit Review

Kiara Sky Dipping Powders Essentials Kit. Complete and Easy-To-Use Powder Manicure Dipping Kit.
  • Get stronger, light weight and natural long-lasting nails with the Kiara Sky Color Dip System...
  • Formulated without harsh chemicals and contains complex bonds that keep it from chipping,...
  • Exclusive to this kit are three brand new limited edition colors. Anything is possible with the...
  • Beauty Without Bunnies (Cruelty Free)

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The Kiara Sky Color Dip Powder has contained a nude powder, natural powder, and clear polish, and you can get the most beautiful manicure, naturally, as with the French starter package. It also contains a stunning gold shimmer color and a fantastic red dip powder (we all need some shimmer in our lives).

Glitter fans will love this product entirely because of its ability to give you the feel of an old-school glitter nail.

Recycle System Tray One cool thing you can get is the recycling system tray with the Kiara Sky Color Nail Dip Set. This tray is brilliant and can save you a lot of products that would be lost otherwise.

As in the French starting kit, vitamins and calcium are strengthened in the Kiara Sky dipping powders, all of which are good for your nails. The package also contains a bond, foundation, secure seal, topcoat, nourishing oil, and a brush saver.

This color kit from Kiara Sky is a gorgeous discovery. Not only is it long-lasting and odorless, but it also includes everything you need to get a flawless manicure without lifting or chipping that will last 21 days.

The best thing about this powder kit for dipping the nail is that it is very flexible, color-wise. You may make a beautiful design with French nails or full-cover color, glitter pictures, and more. It is certainly one of the better nail dipping systems that we have been testing. Plus, it has hundreds of positive online consumer feedback.

8 Rossi Nails Glam Pro Kit Review

ROSSI Nails Dipping Powder 4 Color PRO Kit | Nail Art | Glam Powder PRO Kit- Primer, Base Coat, Activator, Top Coat, Brush Saver- NO UV Light
  • 😍 COMPLETE NAILS KIT - Our kit contains the essential tools to color and maintain your new glam...
  • ✅ SAFETY FIRST - Made with a healthy formula and without any chemicals, our kit will boost your...
  • 👍 LONG-LASTING & SPARKLE - The complex binding formula is resistant to chipping and cracking,...
  • 🌞 FUN AND EASY - Relax and be ready to receive a professional manicure in only three steps. Get...

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We’ve seen this new nail dipping powder kit everywhere recently, and I had to test if it compares with the others. It’s long-lasting, odor-free, and toxic-free, what else would you hope?

Long-Lasting As for reliability, with no chipping or lifting, the dip manicure lasted about 19 days on my fingers. Know a great product at a great price point.

This pack provides 4 separate luscious dipping powders, and one bottle each of the primers, base coats, activators, topcoats, and brush savers.

This Rossi Nails Pro-Kit is one of the highest-value Nail dip kits you can dive into. It comes with four stunning colors of your preference, providing your exclusive look designed to outlast. Pick between 200 different shades that are sure to turn heads.

This Rossi dip powder is formulated organically and filled with nutrients such as vitamin E and calcium to give you lengthier, more durable, and more beautiful nails. This kit is easy to use, and the best part is that it doesn’t require UV light to cure.

9 Nail Dipping Powder Kit By TP Nail Care Dip Powder Value Kit Review

Nail Dipping Powder Starter Kit. 1 oz. per jar dip powder. Value kit
  • A New, Better Way for DIY Nails: Our dip powder nail kit is easy to use and lasts longer than...
  • Your nail dipping powder kit includes nail prep, gel dip & top, and gel activator as well as crystal...
  • No Light Curing Needed: No need to buy a special UV lamp for this nail dipping powder starter kit...
  • Easy-to-Follow Instructions: In addition to high-quality supplies, you receive straightforward...

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The TP package comes in 6 stunning colors with dip powder and contains gorgeous silver glitter. The reason I love this kit so much is that, at a fantastic value, you get professional-looking results. That is also easy to use at home, of course, so that you can miss the trips to the salon.

This dip powder method is user-friendly, particularly for first-time users who have never had a dip manicure before. Only follow the steps in the instructions to the supplier and build your beautiful nail designs.

If you enjoy glitter, French or full overlay nails, this great and beautiful kit helps you to do it all.

As we said earlier, this product is affordable without compromising the price you want. You can get around 50 manicures at the expense of two salon manicures, without leaving your home.

The powders can, though, only last on your nails for two weeks. That is a good outcome, but I expected it to last longer than that. However, this is a standard length of a nail dip manicure, so it isn’t too bad (especially if you love changing your look a lot).

There are six colors of dipping powder within the package, a powder brush (which is a must if you make a dip powder application), a nail file, and a 3-way buffer. All the things that we seem to forget when we do our manicure

On the other side, there’s no brush saver in this package and you’ll need to find some new brushes for the gel rinse.

The TP nail dipping powder kit is affordable, compact, and user-friendly. With it, you get some excellent special features like a dust brush, nail file, and buffer.

This starter kit is suitable for home use. I love the colors that come with this package, and you should expect this manicure with dip powder to last about 14 days without chipping.

While this is a fantastic product for your money, I haven’t appreciated the fact that they neglected to add a tool as useful as a brush saver or replaceable polishing brushes for the gel dip.

10 Dipwell Dipping Nail Starter Kit, Easy Acrylic Powder, And Gel Resin Kit Review

Dip Powder Nail Kit (Starter), Easy Acrylic Powder and Gel Resin Kit For Dip, Starter System For French Set by DipWell Nails (Comes With Bond, Base, Activator, Sealer, Brush Softener + 3 Powder Jars)
  • LONG WEAR & DURABILITY DipWell nails lasts 3-6 weeks without chipping! They add length, protection,...
  • HEALTHIER THAN TRADITIONAL ACRYLIC No UV/LED lamp required for this better alternative to...
  • EASY SOAK-OFF DipWell nails can be removed in just 15 minutes! Specially formulated for quick...
  • MADE IN USA. We never test on animals. Vegan-friendly. Professional approved. Products are packaged...

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Dipwell Dipping Nail Starter Kit the best overlay nails has everything you need in the comfort of your own home to achieve a stunning, classic French manicure! Dip nails are as reliable and resilient as gel or acrylic nails, but they do not damage natural nails.

Dip nails are only used for 20 minutes and do not need UV light, making them extremely user-friendly. They had lasted two weeks on my nails before chipping. Equally quick is the removal process-you need to soak your fingernails in acetone for 15 minutes!

In addition to being advantageous and durable, the nail dipping system from Dipwell is cruel and vegan-free, so you don’t have to sacrifice your ethics or animal love when using those nail polishes!

Every kit includes a bonding polish, base polish, activator polish, sealant, brush softener, clear dipping powder, French white dipping powder, light pink dipping powder, two nail files, and a wooden cuticle pusher which is all you need for a great French manicure!

Dipwell Dipping Nail Starter Kit For people who love French manicures but are tired of paying high salon prices, this nail kit is incredible. It is extremely user-friendly, natural, and efficient!

11 Hand & Nail Harmony Gelish Acrylic Powder Color Dip Nail Kit

Gelish Soak Off Acrylic Powder Nail Dip Manicure 3 Color Set with Harmony Buffer
  • GELISH DIP: Complete Gelish Color Dip System provides a flawless manicure every time
  • 3 DIP POWDERS: Includes 3 dip powder colors (Clear as Day, Good Gossip, Pink Smoothie)
  • 14 DAY WEAR: Creates a durable, long-lasting manicure that will sparkle and shine for up to 14 days...
  • EASY & FAST: Easy and fast application, no LED or UV lamp required. Perfect for at home or salon use...

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This nail dipping powder system contains everything you need for long-lasting, smooth, flawless nails! Such acrylic powders last unchipped for as much as Two weeks and are designed to be much more vivid and translucent than most dip nail schemes.

every step of this dip nail kit system is designed to provide. You with the clearest, smoothest, most vibrant, and long-lasting nails without the trouble of visiting a salon or using UV or LED lamps to cure your manicure.

This nail dip kit is suitable for use at home or in a professional nail salon. Each package contains three different nail dip powders in different colors and finishes, but the kit can be used with any dip nail powder brand, which makes it incredibly versatile.

Each kit comes complete with a prep polish, base coat, activator polish, topcoat, brush softener, nail surface cleaner, lint-free wipes, two replacement caps, and two replacement brushes. You do get a white dip nail powder, a baby pink dip nail powder, and a sparkling red dip nail powder, which gives you choices for every occasion!

Nail lovers who enjoy getting manicured nails but dislike the trouble of removing and reapplying standard nail polish or attending a costly salon for a gel or acrylic manicure love this nail package.

How Do Dip Powders Work?

Dip nails are sometimes referred to as “acrylic lite” nails because the manicure was done with a powder based on acrylics.

After you open your powder kit for nail dipping, you should always read the package instructions about how to use it.

Usually, begin with the base coat. You’ll slip your finger into the slip powder after adding a thin coating of the base coat. This step is regularly repeated twice, but for various nail dipping powder kits, this may be a different order.

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Are Dipping Powders Safe for use?

Traditional acrylics may be durable, but there are harsh chemicals in the liquid monomer that can damage your nails. You’ll also need a proper technique and practice with traditional acrylics, which can’t typically achieve at home.

For the dipping powders, you don’t have to use a liquid monomer to bind the acrylics. Dip powders are odorless and bound with cyanoacrylate glue.

I have also tried hard gels that are flexible and strong, but the stickiness and the need for UV light are two of the drawbacks of the hard gel.

Nail dip powder is generally gentler on the fingers, with some dip powder manufacturers adding valuable vitamins and minerals to the dip powder.

That is why when I finally tried dip powders, I was super excited. They are easy to use and ideal for professionals and DIY nail lovers alike.

In this article, I explain the top 11 best overlays for natural nails reviews

How To Select A Perfect Nail Dipping Powder Kit?

There are so many good brands and various nail dipping starter kits, but some have better quality, more color uniqueness, or are just more practical for a first-time beginner to use.

All of those things are very important when selecting and purchasing the best powder kit for nail dipping.

Whether you’re already reading a few nail dip powder reviews and doing your research or buying a dip powder kit for the first time, this guide will help you choose the right product for the look you want.

Budget Yes, it all begins with the question of how much I want to pay for my new nail dip powder kit.

Of course, you don’t want to break the bank with a new nail kit. The higher the size, the better the efficiency, and the higher the number of materials.

It’s fair to presume a dip powder manicure in most nail salons would cost you about $40-$50. So buying a kit with dip powder can save you around 30-50 visits to the nail salon.

Are dip nail kits worth it to save money? Yeah absolutely.

Safety Dip powders have been invented as a safe and healthy alternative to traditional acrylics and gel polish.

You must use liquid monomers which have a toxic smell and contain harsh chemicals when using traditional acrylics. Dip powders are odorless and have a special glue bond.

Practical and Durability 

The starting kit that you are choosing needs to be versatile and high-quality and realistic for beginners and professionals alike.

Any experienced dip powder lover will tell you that if your kit doesn’t have a brush saver, the glue/base brush will be the first to go.

The brush saver will make the brush as good as new, but without it, you would have to remove it after a few manicures.

You want this to be durable and long-lasting when picking a dipping powder kit. You can choose a high-quality dip powder brand package if you don’t want your dip powder nail manicure to peel after a few days.

Dip powder nails will last for around 2 to 3 weeks without chipping or raising. Some of the high-quality powder strips are long-lasting, soft on your hands, and nourishing and strengthening.

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12 thoughts on “Top 11 Best Overlay For Natural Nails of 2023”

  1. I normally don’t leave reviews, but I’m going to this time. I ordered it on Tues and received it by that Fri. Everything was there. The product itself was more than I expected as far as the powder dip is concerned. I was expecting really small jars but it’s a great size. The instructions are easy to understand, especially if your are an ameture like me. I would recommend this to everyone and I will definitely purchase this again. Thanks! FYI. The last 3 pictures-girst 2 nail pics are from the first day the very last picture is a week later. Still going strong. I get a lot of compliments on how well they look asking me where I went.

  2. I absolutely love this kit! It’s basically just a much easier way to do an acrylic overlay on your nails. I have been wearing these nonstop since I got the kit and started using them. I get a lot of compliments. I wear this over my natural nails and my nails are getting really long. They only last me about a week to 10 days and then start lifting (but I wash my hands a lot and hand wash my dishes) but still much better than anything else. I can do an entire set in about 45 minutes.

  3. I love Kiara Sky Dip Powder Starter Kit . It definitely takes some getting used to. Every time I do my nails, they look better and better. Practice makes perfect. I have found that filing between layers is key. Also it’s imporant to use a brush to brush off the excess powder but make sure the undercoat is dry first. I would definitely buy this kit again. The only complaint I have is that bottle 3 becomes difficult to open after every use.

  4. Thanks for sharing amazing article

    For those of you who are just getting started with Dip Powder, the Kiara Sky Dip Powder Color Starter Kit is a fantastic choice. Our all-in-one color dip powder professional nail kits include everything you’ll need to get started, all in a convenient package. 

  5. I love Kiara Brand
    The dipping powders from Kiara Sky are odourless, harmless, simple to use, and long-lasting. This kit is appropriate for both professional and personal use. My Kiara sky kit manicure lasted for 21 days without peeling or lifting on my nails.

  6. This system attracts to me greatly. It’s quick and simple, and the effects are stunning, even if you’re doing it for the first time.

    I used it on natural nails that were splitting and had soft patches (peeled?). I’m not sure. Maybe you’re just elderly.) Don’t be scared off by the number of steps; once you get started, it’s not as bad as it appears. Make sure your nails are lightly buffed to remove the sheen.

    Dehydrating is the first phase.

    Next, you use the base, which is essentially glue to make the acrylic stick. Do one coat of natural, so the colored powder won’t stain you nails. Cover the nail with base, then gently dip at a 45 degree angle into the powder. Wiggle your finger around a bit to make sure the powder gets all over the nail, then gently remove the nail from the powder. Flick the back of you finger with your other hand to knock off the excess, and go to the next nail. Be aware that the powder is extremely fine, and when the jars are full, spilling it is inevitable. Use paper towels under the jars. After all the nails on one hand are done, you are ready for the colored powder. Again, cover the nail with base, then dip into the powder, flick off excess and move on to the next nail. Do this twice. When you are sure all the nails are “set”— a couple of minutes—take a soft brush and dust off your nails. Then do a coat of clear powder on all the nails in the same manner. This protects the color when you file them.

    (You can pour the powder on rather than dip, if you prefer. Pouring is best for the clear coat, so the powder doesn’t get contaminated by other colors. A pouring boc comes with the kit.)

    Next, use the activator to cure the nails. Slather it on to make sure it penetrates all the layers. The color will darken when it gets saturated. Let it dry (really fast) then take a nail file and smooth any bumps or thick parts, and make sure to file gently near the cuticle so there isn’t a ledge when your nails grow. There shouldn’t be a whole lot of filing needed—it goes on really smooth. When you are satisfied, rinse your hands with water or an alcohol pad, to get the dust off. Don’t use soap—you aren’t done yet and don’t want oily junk on the nails, yet.

    Then go over each nail again with the activator, and wipe off any excess. I use felt pads, but anything lint free is good.

    Do not wait too long to do the top coat, because it needs the activator to cure. It says to use quick, light strokes, but the first time I took that a bit too much to heart and it didn’t look as good as it could have. Just put it on like nail polish and you should be fine. When it dries, add another coat, let it dry for a couple of minutes, then you are ready to do your other hand.

    After you have finished both hands, slather on the cuticle oil and massage it in.

    And you are done!

    The other bottle is brush cleaner. I just switch out the brushes.

    The first time, I did red nails with gold accents. This time I did Tahitian Princess, which I highly recommend. (In picture)

    Soak the nail off with pure acetone. I also use the Hands Down nail wraps covered by a disposable glove to soak off, as you can still function while you wait. It took 15 minutes, and an orange stick.

    The finished nails are thicker than natural nails (which I want!), but not real any thicker than a gel manicure. But it might take some getting used to. The odor is minimal. If your nails grow quickly, it will last two weeks, longer if they grow slowly. You probably could go a fill in, but I was itching to use the Tahitian Princess, so I did not try.

    In addition to the kit, nails files/drills are needed (180 grit files work great), a cuticle pusher/spoon, and a soft brush are needed. thank you for sharing amazing article

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